Seasons Greetings

Season’s Greetings One & All!
As usual, Mommy is pretty busy so I get to write the Christmas note again this year. We hope this year has been filled with fun and joy. We’ve been everywhere! Mommy went on two trips for work to Columbus, GA and Troy, AL or she calls it the mother ship, whatever that means. She also went all the way to Mexico on a big boat called a cruise. For all the trips I stayed at doggie day camp. We play all day then at night I go to my very own cabin where classical music puts me to sleep. Mommy says I have really bad separation anxiety and I freak out when we are not together. Hmm. A fence cage :”cabin” or a queen size bed? What do you prefer? See exactly.
On the weekends we go to the doggie park where I play and run and pretty much run the doggie park for kids my size. Everyone calls me the Park President or Park Greeter because I always have to see who is coming and going. I am a social boy, plus gotta keep out the riff-raff! We also go to Yappy Hours, you know, Happy hours for dogs, of course once a month.
When Mommy is not busy coordinating my social life she is busy herself. She just applied to be a Big Sister with Big Brothers/Big Sisters. I told her they must come with treats and biscuits for me to enter.
We hope you have a lovely holiday season and that nobody makes you wear these dumb hats. Protest, I tell you. If you are ever in the Tampa area, bring me a bone and I’ll make room for you. We always have room for one more. Just no cats! I have enough trouble with the ones in the neighborhood already!
We enjoy visiting with you on Facebook and connecting with long lost friends. Xoxo
Chico P. (that’s for Precious!) Keesler &
Mommy Gerene


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