Sister, Sister

On Monday I will finally get what I’ve hoped I’d get for 40 years – a little sister.There’s a big age gap between my brother and me, so I always thought there should have been at least one sibling in between. I asked my dad once why there weren’t more siblings between us, to which he replied, the only two times we didn’t use protection were your brother and you. WAY more info than I wanted, WAY more visuals than I needed. Be careful what doors you open, you may not want to walk through them!

After a lengthy waiting period with Big Brothers/Big Big Sisters, I’ve been matched, and will meet “A” on Monday. The first meeting is with the parent and a BBBS coordinator. The following outings could be by ourselves, but I’m debating that. Three other siblings in the house are being matched, and “A” who is six, has a twin sister. Is it better to do stuff with the twins together? I don’t want anyone feeling like the other got a better or lesser activity. Do they want together or individual time? DMM, if you are reading this, help me out. I’m just super-excited to have a reason to go to the zoo, the Children’s museum, MOSI, and Chuck E Cheese.  What else are six year olds interested in? I hated the outdoors at that age (and this age, for that matter) and being dirty. So any outdoor activity, I’m kind of at a loss.

I was very clear that whoever they matched me with had to be OK with pets, as my four-legged roommate is my shadow on weekends. Besides that, trips to the dog park are free:) We also have lots of frequent visitor miles at every pet store in town.

Monday can’t come soon enough. I know it’s a big responsibility, but I think it will be great.


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