Ramblings from a 4 legged Prince

Sometimes Mommy writes the blog, sometimes it’s me. Today, you get me, Chico. If you know Mommy at all, or have spent say, a nanosecond with her you know that what she hopes more than anything is to be married and not end up alone. (Duh, she has moi, she is not alone.)

Hours and weeks have turned into months and years on various sites: Eharmony, Catholicmatch, Catholicmingle, match.com, Christianmingle, and even plentyoffish.com. While I am perfectly ok with being the only man in her life, she seems to want a human plus me. Whatever! We post pictures, think we have good personal ads, I guess it’s possible that they stink, but who knows. We know that at this rate our 2 year old cousin Alli has more play dates than WE do. Seriously!

So, mommy keeps wondering, is it her? Does her picture smell funny? Are the ads saying something in code? Some less than supportive relatives all assume it’s due to her weight. But we see lots of fluffy girls with big diamonds at the dog park, pet store, so it just makes her sad. Speaking of weight, she has lost 11 lbs with Weight Watchers. The food around here is really sketchy these days. MUCH smaller portions, LOTS of green things. I’m having to resort to dog food a lot. Ugh. 

If there is some book on dating and keeping and making relationships, no one told us. If you want to see our ads on these sites and offer advice how to edit,fix, change or alter, please PM mommy on FB. They call me the Social Boy at the Dog Park, so I have to fight the boys and girls off with a stick. Then I keep the stick. Sharing is for idiots. 


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