Sisters, Bugs, and Beginnings of Endings

I realized last night how long it had been since Chico and I had posted anything. It has been one wild summer. I started the season bright with anticipation of all the things I’d do with my new little. That’s what she’s called, My new little sister with BBBS. We have gone to get mani-pedis, made cookies, gone swimming and seen a movie. Each time I saw her, I was left with a little present. A buggy little itchy present.

As Tina Fey would say mocking Sarah P, “you betcha,” the little buggers were lice. Head lice. What an unpleasant reminder of childhood gone by. I’d get rid of it, and each time I’d have an outing with her, presto! I’d get them again. I now know there are toxic and nontoxic forms of lice killing remedies. I also know of home remedies. If your kid gets it, call me. I am an expert on every brand on the market.

In case you were curious, all of that bug stuff is not exactly soft and gentle on your hair or scalp. It does not moisturize or condition or even smell nice. What I learned while debugging was that in addition to lice, I have stress related alopecia, so as the bugs be gone, so did my hair – in HUGE, massive clumps. To salvage what is left of my vanity/sanity, (take your pick) it is cut very, very short. Plus side, drying it is a snap! šŸ™‚

So as the hair grows back slowly and the bugs find another scalp to torment, as I write this I am grasping with the concept of my father having hospice care 24/7. I know for all intensive purposes he is gone. Cancer has taken him and fortuntately for us, it took 20 years to fight it off. I am blessed with many good memories, stories, and pictures of “the best looking dad on the earth.” Self-confidence never is a problem for him. I have no idea how to say goodbye, but I know that day is coming soon.


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