Radical Sabbatical

Sometimes, my mommy writes the blog. In case you follow us, she’s a tad behind. I’m keeping all our readers up to date. For those of you who have not had the honour, I’m Chico, her 12 year old (but everyone says I act like I’m 3) mini poodle.

We are on what mommy calls a Radical Sabbatical, or in English, a break. Our/her job ended after 4 years at Troy last month. Boy was she tired. After a couple of days of sleeping in, back on the job search we went! We’ve (ok she, I just sit and wait for walks) everywhere! If you have friends in high places at USF, UT(that’s Tampa, not Texas), DeVry or Saint Leo, puhleeeese, help my momma. She talks to me all day. She sings to me all day. (Uh, the Voice will not be needing her services) I can’t get any naps in at all! It’s exhausting all this chit chat.

Part Deux of the Radical Sabbatical is getting in shape. The portion sizes here are just mouse sized. Not right. Mommy is walking every day and has started with Fit Life foods and doing Weight Watchers. There is way too much greenery instead of meat lately. Don’t like it. We are cooking more too! Some experiments have worked, some not so much:)

Part Tres is reconnecting with the Living world. We are going to Book Club Meetings, out to dinner with people from the best place on planet Earth…the Dog park, and I am hearing a lot of noise from people named Anthony Robbins and Dr. Dyer from the computer. Mommy tells people they make a lot of sense.

Tonight mom went to a German restaurant and had 3 types of sausage…brought me back nichts!

We hope you are well and having a great Spring!


Chico the wonderpoodle


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