Hi Ho, Hi Low, On The JOB Search We Still Go

Day 62461 on the interview circuit. I’ve been interviewed, examined, I feel like I’ve been investigated, and yet here I am at home, on my blog. I have a Masters degree for crying out loud….in counseling. Shouldn’t there be work for me somewhere to do something?

It seems crazy (that’s the most G rated word that springs to mind) that I have friends who are engineers working at Lowe’s. I have other friends with multiple degrees going on multiple years of unemployment who know the inside and outside of a computer and computer languages that have yet to obtain gainful employment.

Well intended people have told me to file for disability. I suspect that day will come given my medical history, but I have no intention of rushing into it and neither do my doctors. Even if I wanted to file that disability claim, no one would sign off on it because I do have a stable work history. Isn’t the whole point to work and not just stare at walls all day long?

Another thing I don’t understand is lack of feedback. I took the time to get dressed, drive over, show up, speak to you, send a thank you note, and I’m not entitled to know, “well, you can improve in this area, that area, we thought you did fine here, your resume was lacking, or whatever the case may be.” It is of great frustration to an applicant who has researched a company and invested time and energy to ultimately hear nothing in return.

Those are my interview war stories. What say you?


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