Not Exactly Holly Homemaker

Living alone when you have neurological and physical limitations can be challenging. I’m by no means ready for an ALF, but I realize how limited I am in certain areas. Case in point. My light in my computer room has gone unchanged for three weeks. I’m not allowed on ladders (per the neurologist) because my sense of balance and equilibrium is that bad stone cold sober. I’ve asked person a or b to change a light bulb and they look at me like I’m an idiot that I cannot do it myself.

Now a few posts back I mentioned that for the first time after weeks of occupational therapy, I held a plate in my right hand. My entire right side has largely been, shall we say decoration. Due to the inability to carry much of anything without risking breaking it or me, I have quite an array of broken, old or useless electronics I was informed it would be good “occupational therapy” to carry down my stairs. Really? I just conquered carrying a plate, and now an insensitive (take your pick) relative thinks I should move right on into TVs?

What I am learning over and over the hard way is because my limitations aren’t visible or injuries cannot be seen to the naked eye, they aren’t seen as valid or understood.

I can clean my house, but what takes one person two hours takes me six. I have friends who clean out their own dryer vent. No idea how, I don’t want to set the place on fire. The older I get the harder these tasks become.


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