How do you not let Anxiety Rule your life?

So, how do I combat anxiety? Every hour of every minute of every day, It’s hard. For instance, I just wrote a pretty good blog about it, added a picture, and poof, it’s gone into cyber wherever. So here I go again. I’ve been dealing with anxiety for as long as I can remember, but it was diagnosed in 2004. Klonopin is a godsend. It is still really hard to be in places like Panera (where I am currently now) where it is extremely loud. Loud environments are a huge trigger for me I am trying to conquer. I walk every day for stress relief. The biggest stressor now is still being unemployed since last April. I’ve had every kind of job coaching possible and nothing has materialized into a full time job. I apply for jobs morning, noon and night.

I am anxious because I am constantly reminded everyone is “self-sufficient.” I only have epilepsy and Aspergers when for the family the timing is convenient for them and it suits their purposes. I have no corpus collusum but I’m supposed to work around all of that and be NT (neurotypical) at all times because they can’t handle anything else. No one considers what I can handle.

Stress relief- I walk for stress and listen to Anthony Robbins and the whole group from are great. But it is not enough. I have help financially but when there is no emotional support it is only a panacea and you just shut them out. Depression and anxiety does not mean you are crazy. NT (Neurotypicals) at least in my range refuse to understand that. Short of shaking some sense into them, what can we do?


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