Peace for a Day

Finally, after a year of false starts, many interviews, countless second and thirds, I can say I AM EMPLOYED. I don’t really count the pet sitting business I started as employment because it was done of out of need and not meant to be forever. The best part of this job is I get to work from home. I start part time and will have benefits. It is everything I could have asked for and then some. I loved my previous job. It was big and busy and taxed my brain in every way possible. It pushed me in directions I didn’t know I could go. The job gave me confidence and more skills and some amazing supervisors I learned things that will last a lifetime. What my last job also did was show me the ugly side of working with a disability and people choosing not to understand. I did my work and did it well and went home. I did not choose to cry on anyone’s shoulder except those who I trusted, and what some did not accept, is that trust is my choice to give or not. As long as I do my work and don’t have to go back behind you to do yours when I am in acute crisis, please go away. Looking back. I’m sure no ill was initially intended, however because I did not want/need/accept the constant nurturing and advice and made a conscious effort to put myself in a cocoon for self-preservation, I was made to be an office pariah. My immediate supervisor knew I had Asperger’s, and I did not owe anyone else that information. I will be forever grateful for her compassion, understanding and patience.


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