Yes it’s really been 3 years

Birthdays that have always been very important to me came and went in the last couple of weeks. It has really sunk in that in 3 years, I have not seen or heard from via call or email or in person B or C or C. As stated in previous blogs, the last 3 years have been emotional hell. Losing the only parent who really understood me, that listened, who didn’t judge me has been hard enough. The remaining parent has one skill, she has been a financial support. She chooses to be blind about the epilepsy. She chooses to be blind about Aspergers and anxiety. BCC were not around for the yelling and screaming when I was a kid. They weren’t there every time I got hit. They see a good person. I see someone not fit to parent a gnat. That parent lies and says I would judge a relative for being gay, when she’s the homophobe. She told C I’d judge her for some problems she’d had, when all I’d do is say, things happen to everyone. I love you and understand. No one calls to see how I’m feeling, if I need anything, if my seizures are ok. I miss them very much and 2 are only across town. Everyone has their own lives, but I’ve been cut out of theirs.


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