Aspergers, Outbursts, and Drama Oh My

I have been putting off this post for quite some time. The last post caused so much drama in family circles I wondered if it was worth it. It took many months to realize that I am worth it. Family can choose to not understand my Asperger’s syndrome, why I meltdown, most have walked away and not looked back. I continue on this educational quest learn about Adult Aspergers, Agenesis of the Corpus Collosum, acute panic and anxiety and epilepsy and how all combined they are in my life but I am trying to not let them run my life. I do not remember having so many meltdowns than in the last two years. I take enough meds that should put a horse to sleep yet sleep eludes me. I try to follow a healthy diet which was easier on food stamps, but I was cut off. Neighbors have given me a $2o here, a $10 there, and a very caring cousin gave me $100 last week, but my bills which were all under control are so far behind I have no idea how to get them current. Insert panic attack. Bring on meltdown. Interviews have been coming, did I mention I haven’t worked in 16 months due to a layoff? However, my panic is so sky high thinking I HAVE to get this job, I am a total wreck before I get there until they call. How do other adults with Aspergers manage? Is your family understanding? Do you frequently meltown? What coping mechanisms do you have? I use Klonopin for anxiety but it’s not helping. My social outlet is the dog park and when I can manage it, church. I would like to blog full time about Aspergers and epilepsy and am trying to navigate that too. I look forward to your comments and plan to blog much more frequently.


2 thoughts on “Aspergers, Outbursts, and Drama Oh My

  1. I wish I had an answer for you, but I’ve never managed to come up with a better way to prevent meltdowns than avoiding people, places, and situations that trigger them . . . which, as you know, can be impossible sometimes. I also try to keep soothing things with me at all times, have become unapologetic about my de-stressors, and do everything in my power to protect my physical health since my nervous system seems stronger when my body is stronger.

    And writing helps. Personal writing and public blogging both help keep me on a more even keel, so stick with your blog like you want to! The world needs the things you have to say and saying them will most likely help you navigate the world more sure-footedly as well. Looking forward to reading more from you.

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