Touch, Don’t Touch

SensorySensory integration is something I’m learning a lot more about as I continue to navigate the world of Asperger’s Syndrome as an adult. Unless you know me well, don’t touch me. From Learning RX:

Smells and flavors can cause intense responses

  • Soft touch or embrace may “hurt”
  • Sounds may make them irritable and jumpy
  • Textures like wool, Styrofoam, and man-made fabrics are often uncomfortable

In my case, I have outgrown the last one, but the other two are still pretty big issues. I’m very afraid of the random stranger who for whatever reason has the need to put their hand on me, for them it’s seen as comforting, for me, I’m ready to scream and assault them. I know the look on my face conveys that anyway. I’ve had to tell supervisors to stop touching me, and it was nothing inappropriate, but I was about to climb off the roof.

Other issues may include difficulty in crowded spaces. This one confuses me. I used to be able to go to malls with no problem. Now it’s a huge chore, and I might make it twice a year. I am very aware of who is looking at me, and get in and get out. Loud noise is the worst trigger. I listen to TV or the radio on volume 7 to 10  but that’s it. Anything higher is cause for a headache. I also can’t have the TV on if I’m reading.

Does this happen to you? How often? Would love to know and discuss


3 thoughts on “Touch, Don’t Touch

  1. Being touched softly really irritates me. I love it when my partner puts his arms round me and squeezes me really hard. Too many sounds together eg tv & voices in the room together make my head go west and I can’t take in anything. Woolly jumpers drive itch me like crazy – but didn’t when I was a kid. I am over sensitive visually – I often can’t take my eyes of patterned glass or tiles etc and trace the lines over and over with my eyes – especially when stressed. I think of it as a kind of visual/internalised stimming.

    It’s funny you mentioned about outgrowing things. I think my sensitivities change slowly over time. I used to really enjoy hard, almost painful massages but over recent months the same amount of pressure has begun to hurt too much.


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