It’s a Job to Get a Job with Disability x 4

If you follow my blog at all, you know I have been relentlessly searching for a job. Until being laid off in 2012, I’ve never had a problem interviewing or finding a job.  However, with each rejection the anxiety mounts, the bills get bigger and the exasperation goes on. Due to my TBI, I don’t have the stamina for a job like Kohl’s. I’m unable to do a lot of the lifting, bending and long term standing these retail jobs require. I need a sit down job.

I’ve worked with a good deal of success in higher education, and was laid off in 2012. I’ve applied higher than my level, lower. in field and out. While my Facebook posts report interview 7658 and this might be a slight exaggeration, it definitely feels that way by now.

Ideally I’d love to make a living at this blog and write full time. I’d love to write for others and get paid for it. I’ve not found the venues to make this viable. I’m exploring the insurance industry, of which I have no experience but I do have that MS in Counseling. I just need a door to open and a chance to be taken.

Have you made a career change? How did it go? What did you do? Due to the Asperger’s, flexibility is not really my strong suit, but I need to be told what I’m doing wrong and just fix it. I don’t qualify for disability, and honestly I like “things” to much and want to work to keep the poodle and I in the lifestyle I like to have. Right now I’d settle for enough cash for gas in my car and a Chick Fil A sandwich. The Coach bag can wait.


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