That is the jaw-dropping amount I asked for (and was refused) to get resumes made for an interview yesterday. As my job search continues to go on and on, all I hear is hide my disabilities, I am lazy, do everything myself, and other motivational speeches. It’s exhausting not to have any emotional or financial support when all I want is a job. I have repeatedly explained I am not able to lift more than 10 lbs on my right side, and all I hear is try harder. For whatever reason I never received occupational therapy, it’s difficult for me to lift a gallon of milk with my right arm, let alone lift boxes. I have tried the Targets, Barnes and Noble, you name the store, all requiring I need to lift 50 lbs. It’s impossible. Considering I have been left without pills convulsing on the floor six separate times,
This is pretty minor.

Just my luck, my free phone from food stamps does not work. Two of them. I asked for my phone to be turned on so I could be available for interviews and in case I have a convulsion, I can reach my neighbor with a key. Do you think if they didn’t give me $1.50 they’d pay for that? Right. At least my interview went well. I have been practicing my breathing and was given a great book Working with Aspergers.

The dog has food and food stamps money comes next week. Does this sound absurd? Yes, to me too. But wait, I’m lazy and stupid, I forgot.

Surrounded by ignorance, I could choke on it.dollar

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