They Speak My Language!

Yesterday I was the most content I had been in some time. I went to an interview at this amazing place called Balance Centers. I did not have to worry. I did not have to put on any masks or hide. Am I being to Aspie? So what? I am surrounded by them. I felt relieved. This is not a personal endorsement for their facility, but rather a wave of gratitude that such places exist to help children and teens with their sensory issues, adhd, Aspergers, or whatever makes you neurologically different.

They start mention things about the corpus callosum, because really, who doesn’t talk about that in every day conversation? So I just as casually mention I don’t have one. No one bats an eye. I kept waiting for a sigh, a scream, a look like I came from another planet, but sweet validation, I was complimented on how well I have done, how much I have accomplished and how remarkable I am. That alone should make certain family members faint. I know asking them to repeat it so I could tape it would have been rude, It did cross my mind however.

There were so many things for sensory sensitive kids to do to overcome their challenges. Textures and smells that neurotypical people take for granted but we can often go into a meltdown over if not prepared. There are math games everywhere and word games galore. Exercises for your eyes, your ears, so it is easier to blend in with the kids and adults without these challenges. I talked about being in a house with 3 extroverts and how reading was my friend. It was just this joyous meeting of different kinds of minds but not damaged. Everyone’s differences there are celebrated not ignored. Work is done to get your brain in the best possible shape. I was asked to read the book by the owner “Disconnected Kids,” and start learning Quickbooks. Whether or not I get a job there, that was  such a lovely morning to be welcomed and not shamed, listened to and validated not ridiculed, it left me happy all day.


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