All Meds are Not Created Equal

How long have you been taking your medication? It scares me when I read on different sites people want to quit them. Sure, I want to quit taking them, but I know I will feel very sick if I do quit taking them. It is not worth the risk my friends. Take your medication. Keep a seizure journal. Keep a journal of what triggers your outbursts (or in my case who) The most important thing with your medication is consistency.

Recently my pharmacist changed me back from Zonisamide (generic) to Zonegran (name brand). Now understand, he thought he was doing a wonderful thing. He found the name brand for a very good price. However, it was so much stronger than the generic, I was incapacitated for three days. What was a gesture of good will made me unable to drive or function. My system is just that sensitive. zonisamide. The only relief I had was magnesium, and a whole lot of it.

Chronic illness is not for the weak, it sure isn’t.


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