New Venture, New Bling, A Little Hope

Rather than to continue to sit at home and feel sorry for myself which generates 0 income and is not productive, I decided with the help of a friend, thanks to CC, to become a merchandiser for Chloe +Isabel. I looked for a while to see which line of products I could get behind, which I could get excited about sharing with friends and my online world. The C+I brand is bold and innovative, conservative and classy, brash and sassy. They accomplish it all by having both sides, Chloe, the more funky, bohemian girl, and Isabel, the girl true to my heart, who likes pearls and small stones and just enough bling to make a statement.

I took a poll recently about what you wanted to see on the blog, and this was it how can we as those living with disabilities make money. I have not made a sale yet, However I am on social media trying to generate buzz as these products are fabulous! They are alloy free, nickel free, and do you read lifetime guarantee? You sure did. It’s also done something far more valuable. It’s given me a reason to get up (besides the dog). I am learning sales skills, marketing techniques, learning many things about how to run a business that I can take with me. I also learned it is backed by Ashton Kutcher.

I am still looking for my next great advising or counseling job, but until then, for the best jewelry around, I would love to earn your business.


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